The B.U.M.s
(Evocalist and D. Wyze)



1. Brothas Unda Madness (Insert)
2. Non-Stopin' the Groove
3. I Don't Know (Insert)
4. Wreck Your Ears (Can Do)
5. Cup of Joes (Insert)
6. Take a Look Around
7. 6 Figures and Up
8. Flex Uv a Finga
9. Diggin' In the Crate (Insert)
10. Let the Music Take Your Mind
11. Suck My D_ck (Insert)
12. Elevation (Free My Mind)
13. Food For Thought (Insert)
14. West Coast Smack
15. Harry Joenick (Insert)
16. Lyfe'N'Tyme
17. For My Brothas
18. Wake Up (Insert)
19. Can You Do Without?
20. Who Gives You the Right (Insert)
(Priority Records - 1995)



Elevation (Free My Mind):
1. Elevation (Free My Mind) (Radio)
2. Elevation (Free My Mind) (LP Version)
3. Elevation (Free My Mind) (Instrumental)
4. 6 Figures and Up (Radio)
5. 6 Figures and Up (LP Version)
6. 6 Figures and Up (Instrumental)
(Priority Records - 1995)

Take a Look Around:
1. Take a Look Around (Fredwreck Remix)
2. Take a Look Around (Fredwreck Instrumental)
3. Take a Look Around (Vinyl Reanimator Remix)
4. Take a Look Around (Vinyl Reanimator Instrumental)
5. Take a Look Around (Radio)
6. Take a Look Around (Groovebumz Remix)
7. Rain
8. Take a Look Around (A Capella)
(Priority Records - 1995)

Guest Spots:

Street Fighter sdtk. "It's a Street Fight" (Priority Records - 1994)
Wake Up Show MC's "Wake Up Show Theme Intro" Wake Up Show Free Styles vol. #1 (All City Productions - 1996)
Wake Up Show Unreleased Project "Out House Stunt" (white label - 1998)