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Artists' Discographies:
Alien Nation
Animal Pharm


Army of the Pharoahs 
The Atom's Family
Balli and the Fat Daddy

Big Daddy Kane
Big Lady K
Biz Markie 
Black, Rock & Ron
The Blackwatch Movement
Bobby Jimmy & the Critters
Boogie Boys
Break Machine
The B.U.M.s
Busy Bee
Cash Money & Marvelous
Cella Dwellas
Channel Live 
Chino XL 
Chubb Rock
Common Sense 
Cool C
Count Coolout
Craig G.
Crash Crew
Crustified Dibbs
Dana Dane
Deep Puddle Dynamics
Def Duo
De La Soul 
DJ Chuck Chillout & Kool Chip
DJ Jazzy Jeff & The Fresh Prince
Doctor Ice
Doug E. Fresh
Egyptian Lover
Fat Boys

Father MC
The Fila Fresh Crew
Flynamic Force
Freddie Foxxx
Freestyle Fellowship
The Fresh Force Crew

Grand Daddy I.U.
Grandmaster Flash
Hobo Junction 
Home Team

Indelible MC's 
Jeru The Damaja 
Joeski Love
Jurassic 5
JVC Force
Kings of Swing
Kool G. Rap
Kool Moe Dee
Krushin' MC's
Kurtis Blow

Kwamé & a New Beginning
Kwest tha Madd Lad 
Lakim Shabazz
Larry Larr
LA Posse
Likwit Crew
Lord Have Mercy

Lords of the Underground
Lovebug Starski
Mad Kap
Maestro Fresh Wes
Master Ace
MC Miker-G & DJ Sven
MC 900 Ft. Jesus with DJ Zero
MC Rell & The Houserockers
MC Shan
MC Shy-D
Tha Mexakinz
Mix Master Spade
Movemenr Ex
Ms. Melodie
Mysterme & DJ 20/20

Natural Elements 
Natural Resource
The Next School
No Face
The Nonce
Park-Like Setting
Polyrhythm Addicts
Poor Righteous Teachers
Positive K
Pudgee tha Phat B_stard
Public Enemy
Rappin Is Fundamental
Raw Produce
Red Bandit

Redhead Kingpin & the FBI
Red Hot Lover Tone
Rodney O & Joe Cooley
Sacred Hoop 
The Sequence

Shape Shifters
Siah & Yeshua DapoED
Skinny Boys
Slick Rick
Smooth Ice
Smut Peddlers
Special Ed
Strickly Roots 
Sunz of Man
The Supafriendz
Super Lover Cee & Casanova Rud
Sweet Tee
Swollen Members
3rd Bass
Thirstin Howl III
Tony da Skitzo
Too Nice
Tuff Crew
Tung Twista
Twin Hype
2 Black 2 Strong MMG
ULTRAmagnetic MC's
The UMC's 
Uzi Bros.
Western Hemisfear
World Class Wreckin' Cru
Young & Restless
No Sell Out! FIRST - The internet provided hospitals and government agencies with a new and powerfully effective method of exchanging important, potentially life-saving information at record speeds.
THEN - A bunch of people uploaded child pornography.
NOW - The internet has reached its third and most awesome phase to date... Werner Von Wallenrod's Humble, Little Hip Hop Site!!

Werner sez:  Hi, people! A word about this site: The artists whose discographies are featured on this site are some of hip-hop's elite, or, at least, they're artists who've released some noteworthy, must-have records for the enthusiast and have enough material to merit chronicling. ...Or, maybe I just like them. I'll tell ya one thing, though: they ain't payin' me for it. Except L'Trimm. They made me rich.

Werner's Interviews:

Paula Perry
Young Zee
Jesper Jensen (dir. Beat Diggin', etc)
Kool G. Rap

Shawn Luv ...and part 2 ...and part 3
G.L.O.B.E. of The Soulsonic Force
Pow Wow of The Soulsonic Force
Cheryl the Pearl of The Sequence
BC of Red Tide
...and part 2
Keymaster Snow of Partners In Kryme
Awesome Dre
Cozmo D of Newcleus
UG of the Cella Dwellas
Chas Bronxson f.k.a. Prince Charles of Total Control
GV of Partners in Kryme
Wanda Dee
LinQue (f.k.a. Isis) ...and part 2
Invincible of The Anomolies ...and part 2
Romeo JD of The Boogie Boys ...and part 2 ...and part 3
Granddaddy I.U. ...and part 2
Redhead Kingpin
Outsidaz ...and part 2 ...and part 3
D12/ Dirty Dozen
Luke Sick of Sacred Hoop
Big Daddy Kane
The UMC's
Jeru the Damaja
Shabazz the Disciple (first part only)
A.D.O.R. (with K. Terrorbull)

Big Punisher
Tung Twista and the Speedknot Mobstas
Werner von Wallenrod! @ ESP

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A helpful(?) chart of artists you may not think I cover on this site, but I do:
Ali Dee/ Mister Jones see: The Next School
Angie Stone see: The Sequence
Apani B. Fly Emcee see: Polyrhythm Addicts
Arabian Prince see: Bobby Jimmy & the Critters
Atmosphere/ Slug see: Deep Puddle Dynamics pg. 2
Bahamadia see: Army of the Pharoahs
The B-Boys see: DJ Chuck Chillout & Kool Chip
Buck 65/ Stinkin' Rich see: Sebutones
Cage see: Smut Peddlers
Cannibal Ox see: The Atom's Family
cLOUDEAd see: Deep Puddle Dynamics pg. 1
Colored Section see: Mad Kap
Company Flow see: Indelible MC's
Diamond Shell see: Biz Markie
De'1 see: Lords of the Underground
The D.O.C. see: The Fila Fresh Crew
Eminem/ D12 see: Outsidaz
Godfather Don see: ULTRAmagnetic MC's pg. 4
Jean Grae/ What? What? see: Natural Resource
Jedi Mind Tricks see: Army of the Pharoahs
Juggaknots see: Indelible MC's
Josh Martinez see: Maxwell
Kid 'N' Play see: The Fresh Force Crew
Killarmy see: Sunz of Man
Lady of Rage see: LA Posse
Lightheaded see: Braille
Madlib/ Yesterday's New Quintet see: Likwit Crew pg. 2
McEnroe see: Park-Like Setting
MF Doom see: K.M.D.
Musab/ Beyond see: Deep Puddle Dynamics pg. 2
Nu-Sounds see: Strickly Roots
OMD/ Of Mexican Descent see: Visionaries
Pedestrian see: Deep Puddle Dynamics pg. 1
Phoenix Orion see: Alien Nation
Prince Akeem see: Public Enemy pg. 2
Prince Paul see: Stetsasonic
R.A. the Rugged Man see: Crustified Dibbs
Ras Kass see: Western Hemisfear
Raw Breed see: ULTRAmagnetic MC's pg. 4
7L & Esoteric see: Army of the Pharoahs
Sir Menelik see: ULTRAmagnetic MC's pg. 4
SLD (Sick Lyrical Damager) see: Percee-P
Society see: Public Enemy pg. 2
SuperNatural see: Alien Nation
Tim Dog see: ULTRAmagnetic MC's pg. 3
The Treacherous Three see: Kool Moe Dee
Uncle Jamm's Army see: Egyptian Lover
Virtuoso see: Army of the Pharoahs
Wee Bee Foolish see: Siah & Yeshua DapoED
YZ see: Blackwatch
Z-Man see: Sacred Hoop
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