No Face
Mark Sexx (Mark Skeete) & Shah (Shaun Trone)

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Wake Your Daughter Up:
1. We Wants To F***
2. Fake Hair Wearin' Bitch w/ 2 Live Crew
3. At the Movies
4. Socially Speaking
5. Xactly
6. Spanish Fly
7. Under the Subway
8. Half w/ BWP
9. Stole My S***
10. Your System
11. Assit
(Rush Associated Labels - 1990)

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Hump Music:
1. Hump Music (Vocal)
2. Hump Music (Bonus Beat)
3. Hump Music (Hump-A-Dub)
4. Hump Music (Humpbeats)
(Great Jones - 1989)

Revenge Of the Bat (He's a Bat Mutha):
1. Revenge Of The Bat (He's A Bat Mutha) (Radio Version)
2. Revenge Of The Bat (He's A Bat Mutha) (Revenge Dub)
3. Revenge Of The Bat (He's A Bat Mutha) (Club Version)
(Great Jones - 1989)

1. Half w/ BWP (Radio Mix With Rap)
2. Half (Instrumental)
3. Half w/ BWP (Alternate Radio Mix Without Rap)
4. Half w/ BWP (The "I Wouldn't Play This Mix On the Radio" Mix)
5. Half w/ BWP (Whole Half Mix)
6. Half w/ BWP (Extended Club Version)
(Rush Associated Labels - 1990)

We Want To F_ck:
1. We Want To F_ck
2. Fake Hair Wearin' B_tch w/ 2 Live Crew
3. Assit
4. Spanish Fly (Let's F_ck)
(Rush Associated Labels - 1990)

1. Payback (Is a Mutha)
2. Player (Video Mix)
3. Player (Ex-Mix)
4. Player (Instrumental)
5. Bonus Quickie For the People
(Radikal Records - 1993)

No Brothas Allowed:
1. No Brothas Allowed (LP Version)
2. No Brothas Allowed (Radio Mix)
3. No Brothas Allowed (Mike Ross Main Mix)
1. No Brothas Allowed (Mike Ross Radio Mix)
2. No Brothas Allowed (Mike Ross Instrumental)
3. Smashin' Fruit (LP Version)
(Interscope Records - 1994)

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Guest Spots:

BWP "Two Minute Brother" The Bytches (Rush Labels/ Def Jam - 1991)
S.I.N. "Jump To the Rhythm" (Radikal Records - 1992)