Craig G.
(Craig Curry)


The Kingpin:
1. Love Thang
2. Dopest Duo
3. Rock the House
4. First Day of School
5. Shootin' the Gift
6. Slammin'
7. Turn This House Into a Home
8. The Kingpin
9. The Final Chapter
10. Why'd You Have To Go? w/ TJ Swan
11. Smooth
12. The Blues
(Atlantic Recording Corporation - 1989)
Now, That's More Like It:
1. Intro
2. What You're Used To
3. Girl Fever
4. Take the Bait
5. Somem To Swing To
6. I Want To Be in Luv w/ The Flex
7. Give It To Me w/ Master Ace
8. Intro II
9. Ripped To Streads
10. Ummm!!!!
11. Smoothing Out the Rough Spots
12. Feel Ya Way
13. No Favors
14. Word Association
15. U-R-Not the 1 w/ The Flex
16. Swiftness*
17. Live Off the Top*
18. Going for the Throat*
(Atlantic Recording Corporation - 1991)
*CD bonus track
This Is Now:
1. Don't Care Who We Bang
2. Wrong Chick
3. Ready Set Begin
4. Place Ya Bets
5. Now That's What's Up w/ Mr. Cheeks
6. Words From Warbucks
7. Stomped
8. Let's Get Up
9. Damn This Day
10. Frostbit w/ Will Pack
11. Love Is Love w/ Large Professor
12. Dribble Or Shoot w/ The Human Orchestra & Afu-Ra
13. Do It Over Again
14. Make You Say Yes w/ Krumb Snatcha
15. Executioner Song
16. Say What Ya Want
17. Freestyle Bonus
(Overnight Sensation/ D&D Records - 2003)
Silent Majority (Craig G & Will Pack) - Climate Control:
1. Sounds Of Silence (Intro)
2. It's About/ WWE
3. The Band Plays On
4. Tribelite
5. Blockactics
6. K.I.M. (Keep It Movin)
7. Whatchu Gunna Do
8. Climate Control
9. Bear's Coffee Shop
10. Disagree
11. Alone
12. Sick Of It
13. Sonnt's Shirt
14. U All
15. Keep Lookin'
16. Everypage
17. First Mind
18. Roll
(CurryPack Records - 2006)
Operation Take Hip Hop Back:
1. Intro
2. Reintroduction
3. Quality Work w/ Will Pack & Rakaa
4. Made the Change
5. Deep Down
6. We Gets It In w/ Talib Kweli
7. Just What I Need
8. All Seasons
9. War Going On w/ Cormega
10. Skates
11. Stay In Ya Lane w/ Sadat X
12. Open Ya Eyes
13. Regrets
14. Not a Word
15. Rock Dis w/ KRS-One
16. Don't Make Me Laugh
17. The Day Music Died
18. How Bout the Mic w/ Cold Heat
(Good Hands Records - 2008)
Ramblings Of an Angry Old Man:
1. Intro
2. Back At 'Em
3. That's Good For You
4. Classic Personified
5. Effortless w/ Chaundon & Big Pooh
6. Rabbit Season
7. Interstate Travelin' w/ Mr. Cheeks & Devin the Dude
8. I'm Just Saying
9. Rare Day
10. Heaven & Hell w/ Styles P
11. Originality
12. Call That Hip Hop
13. Commercial Break w/ Mr. Who
14. It's Real w/ Mr. Cheeks & Sadat X
15. Oh Oh Oh It's
16. Money Don't Matter
17. Get It In the Streets
(Soulspazm Records - 2012)
Koss & Craig G - The Legacy:
1. Flashbacks
2. Master & Disciple
3. Golden Era (Skit)
4. Stare Into the Mirror
5. Lyrical Quest (Skit)
6. The Legacy
7. Word Up
8. Stare Into the Mirror (Instrumental)
9. Stare Into the Mirror (Acapella)
(Reaaal Talk Records - 2013)

I Rap and Go Home:
1. Intro
2. Long Time
3. Make Your Arrangements w/ Kool Keith
4. W.F.W.T (What's Fuckin With That)
5. It's My Turn
6. Midro
7. 365 w/ Buckshot, Ras Kass & Rock
8. N.I.O.M.M. w/ Jarobi
9. Don't Stop Loving Me
10. This Man (That Ain't Cool)
11. Dreamin w/ Canibus
(Vinyl Digital - 2016)


1. Shout (Rap Version)
2. Shout (Def Mix)
3. Shout (Instrumental)
(Pop Art Records - 1985)
1. Transformer
2. Transformer (Def Mix)
(Pop Art Records - 1985)
Turn This House Into a Home:
1. Turn This House Into a Home (Edit)
2. Turn This House Into a Home (Original Version)
3. Turn This House Into a Home (Foot Stompin' Mix)
(Atlantic Recording Corporation - 1989)
Shootin' the Gift:
1. Shootin' the Gift (Remix)
2. Shootin' the Gift (Remix Dub)
3. Take the Bait
(Atlantic Recording Corporation - 1989)
U R Not the 1:
1. U R Not the 1 (Extended Remix)
2. U R Not the 1 (Single Edit)
3. U R Not the 1 (Hip Hop Remix)
4. U R Not the 1 (Instrumental)
5. U R Not the 1 (Acapella)
(Atlantic Recording Corporation - 1991)
Word Association:
1. Word Association (Original Mix)
2. Word Association (Original Instrumental)
3. Word Association (Remix)
4. Here's the Info (Vocal)
5. Here's the Info (Instrumental)
(Atlantic Records - 1991)
Vibe Wichya:
1. Vibe Wichya
2. label sez: Vibe Wichya (Dub)
2. actual track: Lose 2 Win
3. label sez: Lose 2 Win
3. actual track: Everybody
4. label sez: Lose 2 Win (Dub)
4. actual track: 360 (You Better Watch)
(Earshot Records)
Welcome 2 the Game:
1. Welcome 2 the Game (Street)
2. Welcome 2 the Game (Clean)
3. Welcome 2 the Game (Inst.)
4. Sing-A-Long (Clean)
5. Sing-A-Long (Inst.)
(Sure Shot Recordings - 1998)
1. Depopulator (Dirty Mix)
2. Depopulator (Instrumental)
3. The Freestyle (Dirty Mix)
4. The Freestyle (Instrumental)
(Menace Recordings - 1999)
Craig G, Matt Fingaz & Will Pack - Go Head Now:
1. Go Head Now (Original Mix)
2. Go Head Now (Instrumental)
- P-Dap & FT -
3. Get Live (Original Mix)
4. Get Live (Instrumental)
(Street Flava - 2000)
Say What You Want:
1. Say What You Want (Clean)
2. Say What You Want (Dirty)
3. Say What You Want (Instrumental)
4. Executioner Song (Clean)
5. Executioner Song (Dirty)
6. Executioner Song (Instrumental)
7. Executioner Song (Acapella)
(D&D - 2002)
Let's Get Up:
1. Let's Get Up (Radio)
2. Let's Get Up (Dirty)
3. Let's Get Up (Instrumental)
4. I Get Support Regardless (Radio)
5. I Get Support Regardless (Dirty)
6. I Get Support Regardless (Instrumental)
7. Let's Get Up (TV Track)
(D&D Records - 2003)
1. Stomped (Clean)
2. Stomped (Dirty)
3. Stomped (Instrumental)
4. Make You Say Yes w/ Krumbsnatcha (Clean)
5. Make You Say Yes w/ Krumbsnatcha (Dirty)
6. Make You Say Yes (Instrumental)
(D&D Records - 2003)
Dr Cheeba:
1. Dr Cheeba (Radio Mix)
2. Dr Cheeba (Street Mix)
3. Dr Cheeba (Instrumental)
4. Duct Tape 'N' Tie Em Up (Radio Mix)
5. Duct Tape 'N' Tie Em Up (Street Mix)
6. Duct Tape 'N' Tie Em Up (Instrumental)
(Stratus N.Y.C Records - 2003)
Now That's What's Up:
1. Now That's What's Up w/ Mr. Cheeks (Clean)
2. Now That's What's Up w/ Mr. Cheeks (Dirty)
3. Now That's What's Up (Instrumental)
4. Ready Set Begin (Clean)
5. Ready Set Begin (Dirty)
6. Ready Set Begin (Instrumental)
(D&D Records - 2003)
Made the Change:
1. Made the Change (Dirty)
2. Made the Change (Clean)
3. Deep Down (Dirty)
4. Made the Change (TV Track)
(Good Hands Records - 2008)

I Can't Stop:
1. Can't Stop (Vocal)
2. Can't Stop (Inst)
(Hot Chillin'/ Roots Forward - 2011)

Guest Spots:

Juice Crew All Stars "Juice Crew All Stars" (Cold Chillin' - 1986)
Glamour Girls "Oh, Veronica!" (Pop Art Records - 1986)
Marley Marl "Droppin' Science" In Control, Volume 1 (Cold Chillin'/ Warner Bros. Records - 1988)
Marley Marl "Duck Alert" In Control, Volume 1 (Cold Chillin'/ Warner Bros. Records - 1988)
Marley Marl w/ Master Ace, Kool G. Rap, and Big Daddy Kane "The Symphony" In Control, Volume 1 (Cold Chillin'/ Warner Bros. Records - 1988)
Roxanne Shante "Gotta Get Paid" Bad Sister (Cold Chillin'/ Reprise Records - 1989)
Intelligent Hoodlum
"Live and Direct From the House of Hits" (A&M Records-1990)
Force M.D.'s "Step To Me" Step To Me (Tommy Boy Music- 1990)
Marley Marl w/ Master Ace, Kool G. Rap, Little Daddy Shane, and Big Daddy Kane "The Symphony, pt. II" In Control Volume II - For Your Steering Pleasure (Cold Chillin'/ Warner Bros. Records - 1991)
Whitehead Bros. "Your Love Is a 187 (Mayhem Remix)" (Motown - 1994)
Whitehead Bros. "Feel Your Pain (Dub Bass Mix)" (Motown - 1996)
Frankie Cutlass "The Cypher: Part III" Politics & Bullsh*t (Relativity Recordings - 1997)
Chynah "How I Feel (The Herndon Uptown Mix)" (EMI - 1997)
New York State of Rhyme w/ Will Pak "Still Haven't Found" (Rumour - 1998)
Wizdom Life & Matt Fingaz w/ Lace Da Booms & Mike Zoot "Mad About You" Fruits Of Labor In the Sunshine (Wreck Records - 1998)

Tommy Tee w/ Will Pack "Intense" Beats, Bonds, & Beliefs (Tee Productions - 1998)
Tommy Tee w/ Will Pack "Dance In the Darkness" It's All True (Tee Productions - 1998)
Process of Elimination "I Hate Hip-Hop" (Industry Records - 1999)
Strippoker "Reign Supreme" (Stratus - 1999)
Domination Statuz w/ Barkim "Cash Money" (Echo International - 1999)
The Creators w/ Marley Marl & Masta Ace "The Legacy (Call Waiting)" The Weight (Bad Magic - 2000)
The Creators w/ Will Pack "That's My Word" The Weight (Bad Magic - 2000)
D & D Crew w/ R.A., Channel Live, & Agallah "Kill It" (D&D Records - 2000)
QB's Finest w/ Lord Black Littles & Chaos "We Break Bread" Nas and Ill Will Present... (Columbia - 2000)
Spyder-D w/ Pac Man, Lucy Lex & Mad Max "All World Comittee Pt. 1" True 'Dat (Propane/ Mecca Records - 2000)
Spyder-D "You, You & You" True 'Dat (Propane/ Mecca Records - 2000)
41st Side w/ Voice "Keep Doin' U" (Landspeed - 2001)
D&D Project II w/ Jack Venom, Don Parmazhane & QNC "Juicy Loosey" (D&D Records - 2002)
 Queensbridge Finest "You Think You Special" The Saga Continues (Infamous Records - 2002)
D&D Cypher All Stars w/ Agallah, Buckshot, Tony Touch, Afu-Ra, Big Tigger, Smuv, Serch, Steel, Mr. Eon & Scram Jones "2 Hits & Pass" (D&D Records - 2002)
Krumb Snatcha w/ Buckshot "Nobody Move" Respect All Fear None (D&D Records - 2002)
Funky Fresh Few w/ Jimmy Grand & Dirt Diggla "However You Want It" Stealing (Grand Central - 2003)
Woogie "Free Your Level" (Taciturn Records - 2003)
Supernatural "Clash Of the Titans" The Lost Freestyle Files (CNR Records International - 2003)
Track 72 w/ Jahi "We've Been Here From the Start" Rockin' (Good Music Records - 2005)
Prince Paul w/ Gravediggaz "Don't Be Afraid Of the Dark" Hip Hop Gold Dust, promo version (Antidote ‎- 2005)
Ashtiani & Baltzer w/ Wordsworth "Betrayed" Beats & Basslines (Sonny B Recordings - 2006)
Beatman & Rockin' w/ ADL & Gemstar25 ‎"Get Connected" Who's Supa Now! (Sonny B Recordings ‎- 2006)
Kollabo Brothers "Intro" For My Peoples (Kool Kat Records - 2006)
Kollabo Brothers "No Equal" For My Peoples (Kool Kat Records - 2006)
O.S.T.R. "Brother On the Run" Hollylódz (Asfalt Records - 2007)
Snowgoons "Offensive Lineup" German Lugers (Babygrande - 2007)
GLAM "Craftmanship" Laceration (58Beats - 2007)
Tommy Tee "Talk Cheap" No Studio No Time - The Wait (Tee Productions - 2007)
Tue Track72 w/ ADL "Get Up" (Good Music Records - 2008)
Jak D w/ Sean Price & Large Professor "Why You Wanna Do That" (Cold Heat Entertainment -2008)
The Juice Crew EP "Drop a Bomb On 'Em" (Diggers With Gratitude - 2008)
Cold Heat w/ ‎Large Pro & Sean Price "Why You Wanna Do That" (Cold Heat Entertainment ‎- 2008)
Gorzki w/ Jerome XL, Stanisław Soyka & Teka "Duże Miasto" Kontrawersja (777 Records ‎- 2008)
Charlie Sloth w/ Chey N "Mr International" In the Spotlight: It's Hard Being Good (Grimey Limey - 2008)
Critical w/ Saul Abraham "Takin' Over" Min Egen Väg (Basementality Records - 2008)
Jak Danielz "Hip Hop Manual" Bar Hoppin (Bomb Hip-Hop Records ‎- 2008)
Projekt Zen "Intro" City Zen (2008)
Projekt Zen w/ Diox, Joker, Kafar, Koszykarz 23 & Rufuz "Wymierzamy Sprawiedliwość" City Zen (2008)
Nut-Rageous ‎"Rap Author" Raw Nuts: The Best Of Nut-Rageous (Poor Pocket Muzik ‎- 2008)
Soulbrotha "Get Some" Collector's Item (Chiefrocker Records ‎- 2009)
Thomas Handsome "Double Trouble" Cannibal Webster (First Son Records ‎- 2009)
Thomas Handsome "Still An..." Cannibal Webster (First Son Records ‎- 2009)
Recordkingz w/ ‎K Major & Will Pack "Keep It Coming" Heavyweight (Recordkingz - 2009)
Soulbrotha w/ Nut-Rageous & Sadat X "Are You Ready" Collector's Item (Chiefrocker Records ‎- 2009)
Sadat X ‎"Lyrics?" Brand New Bein' (Ground Original - 2009)
Sadat Xw/ Jak D "Smallest Violin" Brand New Bein' (Ground Original - 2009)
The White Shadow w/ Grindhouse Gang & Stricklin "Victory" Victory (Uncut Productions ‎- 2009)
J.J. Brown w/ ‎Block McCloud, Jonny October & King Magnetic "Froze Proze, Part 2" Connect the Dots (Well Done Entertainment ‎- 2009)
Iron Lyon "Boom Bap" The Foundation (Fat Beats - 2010)
Cold Heat ‎"How Bout the Mic" Life Behind Bars (Cold Heat Entertainment - 2010)
AL-J ‎"Rap Tragic" Unforgivable Blakness (Leedz Edutainment - 2010)
B-Doub w/ Reks ‎"Focused" Food For Thought (Be Focus Records - 2010)
DoItAll w/ Ed O.G, Masta Ace & Probz ‎"Lets Go" American DU (Prowax Music ‎- 2010)
Jerome XL ‎"Daad Bij Het Woord" De Laatste Dag (Djax Records - 2010)
M-Dot & DJ Jean Maron "Rap Game" Run MPC (EMS Productions ‎ - 2010)
Castor P ‎"Kill Every Club" Underverk (Soul Theory Beats - 2010)
Ralph Dog w/ ‎Paula Perry & Sadat X "Round 'Em Up" Reckless (Muzik With Attitude - 2010)
Ralph Dog w/ ‎Paula Perry & Sadat X "Round 'Em Up (Marley Marl Mix)" Reckless (Muzik With Attitude - 2010)
Ralph Dog w/ Blaq Poet‎ "Go 4 Broke (F*ck U Song)" Reckless (Muzik With Attitude - 2010)
Richard Gein w/ Blazy "Un-Optimistics" Killin Sluts (Ruler Why Recordings - 2010)
Ripshop ‎"Can´t Wear Skinny Jeans" The Authenticity (2010)
Click Animosity w/ Mami Uno & Purpose "Claustraphobia" Feeders Of the Flamez (Metal Barz Records - 2010)
DJ Cosm w/ Moka Only "Past, Present, Future" Time and Space (Makebelieve Records - 2011)
DJ JS-1 ‎"No Fool" No One Cares. Ground Original 3 (Fat Beats ‎- 2011)
Sir Gade "Wall Of Fame" Puppetshow (I'll Release You ‎- 2011)
Oyoshe ‎"Real Connection" Bring da Noise 2 (Back Movement Records - 2011)
Illus w/ Block McCloud & Reef the Lost Cauze "Brighter Day" For Adam (ILLUS Media - 2011)
Kidd Called Quest w/ All Ciddy, Chaundon, /J Hood & Pumpkinhead "New York Reps the Hardest" Put Your Headphones On (New Era Boom Batt - 2011)
DJ Deadeye w/ Blacastan, Checkmark, Lord Nez, Mr. Cream & Reef the Lost Cauze ‎"Un-Cut" Substance Abuse (Brick Records ‎- 2011)
Kas?erw/ Aztech, Ethah & P-Ro "Back Then" FreeDumb Cuntry (Planet X Records - 2011)
Danny Spice ‎"King Of the Beat" (King Of The Beats - 2011)
Key Figures w/ Mikey D "Come Get Some" (King Of the Beats - 2011)
Falcon Burns w/ Melph & Logik Locksmith "Represent" (FB - 2011)
Silent Someone ‎"Change" (GoodFelons ‎- 2012)
Chaundon ‎"Possesion" The Jammington (Golden Era Music - 2012)
Agartha Audio & Taiyamo Denku w/ Sadat X ‎"Road Is Rough RMX" Quadrofiendia (Uncommon Records ‎- 2012)
Mister Modo & Ugly Mac Beer "Loop Providers" Modonut 2(DIESS Prod ‎- 2012)
DJ Bazooka Joe "Slang Parade (R U Serious?)" The Slang Parade (Mindbenda Recordings ‎- 2012)
Scarcity BP w/ Breeze Evahflowin "Never the Same" Back To Business (Scarcity Budapest - 2012)
Evitan ‎"Euphoric" Speed Of Life (2012)
Ruste Juxx & the Arcitype w/ Steele "The La La La" V.I.C. (Perfect Time Publishing - 2012)
Beat Bop Scholar ‎"Veteran Tactics" Authentic Minded (Beat Bop Scholar ‎- 2012)
Beat Bop Scholar ‎"Veteran Tactics (Remix)" Authentic Minded (Beat Bop Scholar ‎- 2012)
Ricta w/ Dizzy Dustin, Idyllic, Precha & Reks "Atlantic Anthem" Snacks & Deception (Beat Back Records ‎- 2012)
Aaron 'A-L' Ladley w/ MC Subcon "Time Is Real" Future Classic Music (Future Classic Music - 2013)
Red Venom w/ Donald-D ‎"One Moment" Red House (Low End Theory Records ‎- 2013)
Beat Bop Scholar ‎"You Sold Out" (Beat Bop Scholar ‎- 2013)
Kid Tsu "Worldwide Connex" The Chase (Head Bop Entertainment - 2013)
Chris Stylez tha Shadow Figure w/ The God Sin "Road Block" Sign Of the Times: Return To Oceania (Chambermusik Special Products ‎- 2013)
Chris Stylez tha Shadow Figure w/ Briggs, Capone & N.I.Z. "To The Top (Remix)" Sign Of the Times: Return To Oceania (Chambermusik Special Products ‎- 2013)
Don Martin w/ Jaiden the Cure "Mann For Min Hatt" Mann For Min Hatt (Tee Productions - 2014)
Dcypha & Taiyamo Denku w/ Sadat X ‎"Road Is Ruff" Supernatural (Cypha Den Music - 2014)
Philieanow/ Agallah "The Real" Doobie Raider (Technicali Sound ‎- 2014)
DJ Nefarious w/ Akrobatik & Blacastan ‎"Classic Mindset" Classic Mindset (2014)
Illus & ICBM w/ Block McCloud & Reef the Lost Cauze "Wake Up" Behind the Mask (ILLUS Media ‎- 2014)
Illus & ICBM w/ Roxxxteady "Grapes Of Wrath" Behind the Mask (ILLUS Media ‎- 2014)
DJ JS-1w/ Kurious & Smooth B "Love Me Not" It Is What It Isn't: Ground Original 4 (Ground Original ‎- 2014)
Taiyamo Denkuw/ Keith Murray "Bars Of Terror" RadiOctave (CyphaDen Music ‎- 2015)
Taiyamo Denku w/ Dro Pesci ‎"Lost Souls" RadiOctave (CyphaDen Music ‎- 2015)
White Shadow & Family w/ Bigg Limn, Infinito 2017, Mark Deez & Powder "The Darkest Hour" Masters Of Mayhem (Uncut Productions ‎- 2015)
White Shadow & Family w/ Evil Intentions "Boom Box Bullies" Masters Of Mayhem (Uncut Productions ‎- 2015)
White Shadow & Family w/ Bigg Limn, Infinito 2017, Mark Deez & Powder "The Darkest Hour (White Shadow Remix)" Masters Of Mayhem (Uncut Productions ‎- 2015)
Canibus & Bronze Nazareth w/ Kurupt & Raekwon‎ "The Kings Sent For Me (Samurydas Remix)" Time Flys, Life Dies... Phoenix Rise (RBC Records - 2015)
Soulbrotha "Get Some" 2009-2015 (Ill Adrenaline Records ‎- 2015)
Soulbrotha "The Hood Ain't Changed Much" 2009-2015 (Ill Adrenaline Records ‎- 2015)
M.W.P.w/ DJ Grazzhoppa, Ill Conscious & Meyhem "Lyrical Experts" New Horizon (Goodwill Music - 2015)
Southpaw Chop w/ Kool G Rap "How It's Done" (Southpaw Chop - 2016)
Kool Keith "MC Voltron" Feature Magnetic (Mello Music Group ‎- 2016)
Illus ‎w/ Paul Dateh "Action Figures" A Perfectly Imperfect Beautiful Naked Creation (ILLUS Media - 2016)
Sadat X w/ Skyzoo "Ain’t Nothing Funny" Never Left (Loyalty Digital - 2016)
Nutso w/ Robb P. & Tragedy Khadafi "Life In The City" #Redsunday (No Label Just Us ‎- 2016)
Tommy Tee w/ Ida Divine ‎"Quantum Leap" Bonds Beats & Beliefs Vol.2 (Tee Productions ‎- 2016)
Blackhouse ‎"Heaven's Devils" Ignite Blackhouse Youth (No Emb Blanc ‎- 2016)
Blackhouse ‎"Ignite Blackhouse Youth" Ignite Blackhouse Youth (No Emb Blanc ‎- 2016)
Blackhouse ‎"The Blame Game" Ignite Blackhouse Youth (No Emb Blanc ‎- 2016)
The White Shadow w/C-Rayz Walz & Evil Intentions "Boom Box Bullies 2017" Blaze Of Glory (Uncut Productions ‎- 2016)
Ed O. G, Shabaam Sahdeeq & Fokis ‎"Hiroshima" Recognize Your Power (Loyalty Digital ‎- 2016)
The Shield Enforcers "Bringing Visuals To Life" Crash Course (Thrice Great Records - 2017)
Neek the Exotic ‎"Real NY City" The Neek the Exotic Experience (Still On the Hustle Music - 2017)

Juice Crew Allstar