Cash Money & Marvelous
(Jerome Hewlett & Marvin Berryman)

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Where's the Party At?:
1 Find an Ugly Woman
2 Play It Kool
3 Is It Real
4 Time Is Up
5 A Real Mutha For Ya
6 Marvelous' Drawers
7 Ugly People Be Quiet (Remix)
8 Ugly People Be Quiet
9 The Mighty Hard Rocker
10 Who's In the Place
11 Where's the Party At?
12 All About Partyin'
13 The Music Maker
(Sleeping Bag Records - 1988)


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Play It Kool:
1. Play It Kool (Vocal)
2. Play It Kool (Instrumental)
3. Ugly People Be Quiet (Vocal)
4. Ugly People Be Quiet (Instrumental)
(Sleeping Bag Records - 1987)

Find an Ugly Woman:
1. Find an Ugly Woman (Vocal)
2. Find an Ugly Woman (Instrumental)
3. The Mighty Hard Rocker (Vocal)
4. The Mighty Hard Rocker (Instrumental)
(Sleeping Bag Records - 1988)

A Real Mutha For Ya:
1. A Real Mutha For Ya (Extended Version)
2. A Real Mutha For Ya (Instrumental)
3. A Real Mutha For Ya (Original Style)
4. New Sheriff In Town (Vocal)
5. New Sheriff In Town (Instrumental)
6. New Sheriff In Town (Money Makin' Mix)
(Sleeping Bag Records - 1989)

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