Chief Rocker Busy Bee Starski

(David Parker)


Running Thangs:
1. Running Thangs
2. Suicide
3. Murder
4. Converse
5. Get Busy
6. I Don't Play
7. Kickin' Flavor
8. Express
9. Old School
10. Jazzy On the Mix
(Strong City/ UNI - 1988)

Thank God for Busy Bee:
1. Flavor Man
2. Get With Me
3. Busy Bee's Block Party w/ Reynold's Rap, Jay Dizzy & Globe
4. Jail Bait
5. Bart Dance
6. Busy Signal
7. Kiss My Ass
8. You Should Be My Baby w/ Pure Blend
9. Busy's Revenge w/ Kid Capri
10. Home Boyz
11. Poon Tang
12. I Got Things Sewed
13. My Personality
14. Murder Style
15. Thank God for Busy Bee
(Pandisc - 1992)

Look In da Sky Who Do Ya See:
1. Look In da Sky Who Do Ya See w/ Grandmaster Caz
2. Look In da Sky Who Do Ya See w/ Grandmaster Caz (Chico and the Man Mix)
3. Vintage Busy Bee
4. Stop Lying by Joy
5. DJ Parker Lee's Bee Sting (Mega Mix)
6. The Bee Vs. The Funky Penguin Mix
7. Look In da Sky Who Do Ya See (Inst.)
8. Vintage Busy Bee (Inst.)
(Jazz Child Records - 1998)

Pioneers of Hip-Hop Volume One - The Soundtrack:
1. Urban Gold Music Intro
2. Busy Bee vs kool moe Dee Harlem World
3. Busy Bee At the Celebrity Club
4. Busy Bee Live Queens College 1981
5. Busy Bee & Jazzy Five 1980
6. Busy Bee At the T-Connection
7. Busy Bee At Manhattan College
8. Busy Bee Boat Ride 1982
9. Busy Bee At the Auto Bonn Ballroom 1979
10. Busy Bee & the Zulu Nation Bronx River 1980
11. Busy Bee at Bronx River Center 1980
(Urban Gold Music - 2007)


The Marvelous Three and the Younger Generation (Busy Bee, DJ Smalls & AJ) - Rappin' All Over:
1. Rappin' All Over (Rap)
2. Rappin' All Over (Music)
(Brass Records - 1981)

School Days:
1. School Days (Vocal)
2. School Days (Instrumental)
(Master Five - 1981)

Making Cash Money:
1. Making Cash Money (Vocal)
2. Making Cash Money (Instrumental)
(Sugarhill - 1982)

Busy Bee's Groove:
1. Busy Bee's Groove (Vocal)
2. Busy Bee's Groove (Instrumental)
(Sugarhill - 1984)

1. Suicide (Vocal)
2. Suicide (Instrumental)
3. Suicide (Dub)
(Strong City/ UNI - 1987)

1. Express (Vocal)
2. Express (Instrumental)
(Strong City/ UNI - 1988)

1. Express (Hyped-Up Mix)
2. Express (Bonus Beats)
3. Express (Radio Vocal)
4. Express (Instrumental)
(Strong City/ UNI - 1988)

1. Express
2. I Don't Play
(Strong City/ UNI - 1988)

Keep It Movin':
1. Keep It Movin' w/ DJ Kool (Main Mix)
2. Keep It Movin' w/ DJ Kool (Kool Edit)
3. Keep It Movin' (Bonus Drop)
4. Keep It Movin' w/ DJ Kool (BRONXTALE Remix)
5. Keep It Movin' (BRONXTALE Instrumental)
6. Keep It Movin' w/ DJ Kool (LIVE AND RAW Remix)
(Blazin' - 2002)

Rock the House:
1. Rock the House
2. Rock the Drop
3. Rock the House (Old School Super Bad Mix)
4. Let the Party Out
5. Let the Party Out (Instrumental)
(Blazin' - 2002)

Rock With Me:
1. Rock With Me (Club Mix)
2. Rock With Me (Clean Version)
3. Rock With Me (Club Instrumental)
4. Rock With Me (Vintage Club Mix)
5. Rock With Me (Vintage Clean Version)
6. Rock With Me (Vintage Instrumental)
(Nervous - 2005)

Hip Hop Icon:
1. Hip Hop Icon
2. Hip Hop Icon (Instrumental)
3. Hip Hop Icon (Acapella)
(Fair Deal Records - 2007)

Busy and AJ (Wild Style)

Guest Spots:

Wild Style w/ Lil Rodney Cee "M.C. Battle" (Animal - 1983)
Wild Style "Street Rap" (Animal - 1983)
Hip Hop Artist Against Apartheid "Ndodemnyama (Free South Africa)" (Warlock - 1989)
Raiders of the Lost Art... w/ Mic Profesah "Real" (Scotti Bros - 1994)
De La Soul "Words From the Chief Rocker" AOI: Mosaic Thump (Tommy Boy - 2000)
Doug E. Fresh w/ Luv Bug Starski "Who Run This" (white label - 200?)
Legends of Hip Hop w/ Ice-T, Flava Flav, Cheeks, Special K, Bambaataa, Smooth Approach, Sha-Rock, Whodini, Reggie Reg, Grandmaster Caz, DLB, LA Sunshine, Grand Puba, Pete DJ Jones, Kurtis Blow, Hollywood, Eddie Cheeba, Dano, Ceelo, Waterbed Kev, Speech, Grand Wizard Theodore, Dota Rock, Rakim & DJ Kool Herc "Legends of Hip Hop" (Absolut Records - 2002)
Legends of Hip Hop w/ Grandmaster Caz, GQ & Smooth Approach "Make It Hot" (Absolut Records - 2002)
Esa "Throw Ya Hands Up" Tu Sei Bravo (Carosello Records - 2006)
KRS-One & Marley Marl "House Of Hits" Hip Hop Lives (Koch Records - 2007)