Pudgee tha Phat B_stard
(Tracey A. Horton, a.k.a. Napoleon)

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Give 'Em the Finger:
1. Intro
2. Bring the Noiz N_ggas
3. The Vibe
4. Checkin' Out the Ave.
5. Give 'Em the Finger
6. When He Comes On
7. This Is How We... w/ Kool G. Rap
8. Keep Your Coat On
9. Lady In My Life w/ MC Lyte
10. Life's a B_tch
11. Mommie Dearest
12. Doin' MC's Sum'n Terrible w/ FM & Snagglepuss
13. Clap Your Hands
14. How U Feel About That
(Giant Records - 1993)

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Checkin' Out the Ave.
1. Checkin' Out the Ave. (Album Version)
2. Checkin' Out the Ave. (Instrumental)
3. Checkin' Out the Ave. (A Cappella)
4. Checkin' Out the Ave. (Ghetto Remix)
5. Checkin' Out the Ave. (Ghetto Remix Instrumental)
(Giant Records - 1993)

On the Regular:
1. On the Regular (Radio Edit)
2. On the Regular (Dirty LP Version)
3. On the Regular (DJ S&S LP Version)
4. On the Regular (instrumental)
5. The Regular (Remix Radio Edit)
6. The Regular (Remix)
7. The Regular (Remix New Vox)
8. The Regular (Instrumental)
9. On the Regular (A Cappella)
(Perspective Records - 1995)
Think Big:
1. Think Big w/ Lord Tariq & Notorious B.I.G. (Dirty LP Version)
2. Think Big w/ Lord Tariq & Notorious B.I.G. (Clean Version)
3. Think Big (Instrumental)
(Perspective Records - 1995)

Money Don't Make Your World Stop:
1. Money Don't Make Your World Stop (LP Version)
2. Money Don't Make Your World Stop (Clean Radio Edit)
3. Money Don't Make Your World Stop (Instrumental)
4. Money Don't Make Your World Stop (Acapella)
5. Make Em Die (LP Version)
6. Make Em Die (Clean)
7. Make Em Die (Instrumental)
8. N_guhz Fo Life (LP Version)
9. N_guhz Fo Life (Instrumental)
(Perspective Records - 1996)

Everybody Wants To Be Hard:
1. Everybody Wants To Be Hard w/ Digable Planets
2. Inner City Blues w/ DMX
(white label - 1997)

You Ain't Know:
1. You Ain't Know w/ DMX & Ran Reed (Main Mix)
2. War Goin' On Outside (Main Mix)
(white label - 1997)

Money Don't Make the World Stop:
1. Money Don't Make the World Stop w/ D-Nice, MOP & Royal Flush
2. History (Radio)
3. History (Instrumental)
4. History (Acapella)
(Street Scene Inc. - 1997)

Think Big:
1. Think Big w/ Sadat X & Lord Tariq (Radio Edit)
2. Think Big (Instrumental)
(DMD Records - 1998)

Dead Silence:

1. Angel Dust
2. Stayin' Alive
3. Die for a Cause
4. Kill You
(Intruder Ent. - 1998)

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Get Over:

1. Get Over (LP Version)
2. Money & Hoes (LP Version)
(white label - 2000)

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Guest Spots:

Da King & I
"Kingpin" (Rowdy Records - 1993)
The East Click w/ Madman Shawn and Full Clip "S.O.N.S." Tha East Comin' Thru (East New York Records - 1994)
Sa-Deuce "Don't Waste My Time (Mecca Don Flava Hood Remix Edit)" (EastWest Records America - 1995)
J Quest "Anything" The Quest Is On (Polygram - 1995)
Solo w/ Young Zee, Almighty Arrogant & Mr. Blaq "Heaven (Hip Hop Joint)" (Perspective Records - 1995)
Nine M.C.'s w/ Grand Puba, Snagglepuss, Notorious BIG, Raggedy Man, Bandit, Grand Daddy I.U. & Positive K "All Men are Dogs" (Echo International - 1999)
Nicci Cheeks Presents... Hip Hop Love Jazz "Mona Lisa" (Kwerk - 2005)
C-Rayz Walz "Music Takeovah" Year Of the Beast (Definitive Jux Recordings - 2005)
Grand Daddy I.U. "Back In da Dayz" Stick To the Script (Steady Flow Ent. - 2007)
Nick Wiz w/ Ran Reed "The Lessons of Today" Cellar Sounds (No Sleep Recordings - 2008)

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