Movement Ex
(Lord Mustafa & DJ King Born)


Movement Ex:
1. Prologue - This Movement Is Ex-Rated
2. Freedom Got a Shotgun
3. United Snakes Of America
4. Universal Blues
5. KK Punanni
6. I Deal With Mathematics
7. Zig Zag Zig
8. Is My Mic On?
9. The Lord Speaks His Mind
10. Rap Mafia
11. Get Up Off the Pipe
12. Comin' At Ya
3. Epilogue - This Movement Is Ex-Rated
(Columbia - 1990)

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Freedom Got a Shotgun:
1. Freedom Got a Shotgun
2. Freedom Got a Shotgun (Power Mix)
3. I Deal With Mathematics
4. Freedom Got a Shotgun (Allah's Way)
(Columbia - 1990)

United Snakes of America:
1. United Snakes of America (Album Version)
2. United Snakes of America (Instrumental)
3. United Snakes of America (Marley Marl Mix)
4. Zig Zag Zig
(Columbia - 1990)

Born Allah:


Someone To Hate:
1. Someone To Hate (Dirty)
2. Someone To Hate (Clean)
3. Someone To Hate (Instrumental)
4. Someone To Hate (Acapella)
5. Laid In Full (Dirty)
6. Laid In Full (Clean)
7. Laid In Full (Instrumental)
8. Laid In Full (Acapella)
(Ill Boogie Records 2000)

1. Patience(Main)
2. Patience (Radio)
3. Patience (Instrumental)
4. Patience (Acapella)
- Grand Agent -
5. Patience (Main)
6. Patience (Radio)
7. Patience (Instrumental)
8. Patience (Acapella)
(Ill Boogie Records 2000)

Guest Spots:

Mykill Miers w/ Erule "Cut Throat" It's Been a Long Time Coming (Ill Boogie Records 2000)
Mykill Miers "The Bash Brothers" The Second Coming (Ill Boogie Records 2001)
Self Scientific w/ Bro Tarik Ross "Confrontation With a Gangsta" Presents... Gods and Gangsters (Nature Sounds 2005)
Self Scientific "ungst Gods" Presents... Gods and Gangsters (Nature Sounds 2005)