Like all the other hip-hop pages cramming into the already swollen market of imposing our no-more-valid-than-anbody-else's thoughts, musical preferences, and cheesy graphic-layouts onto the internet, Werner Von Wallenrod's Humble, Little Hip Hop Site struggles for exposure and whines for attention. And I've gotten a little, too. Read on to see my review as S(earch) O(nline) H(ip) H(op)'s Hot Site of the Week:
(after you've done that, click here to read about Werner at the 1999 On-Line Hip-Hop Awards!)

July 25th 1998

Werner Von Wallenrod's Humble, Little Hip-Hop Site

Upon first downloading this page I was totally unimpressed. To be 100% honest the graphics are ugly, the layout is simple and I hate the background tile. With nothing but time on my hands, I decided to scroll down a bit and what I found is some great information. I found out the lastest on some of my favorite groups like Hobo Junction, Hiero, Indelible, etc. Probably one of the best links on the page was the link to the "controversial artwork for KMD's second lp that got them kicked off of Elektra records!"

Werner's page also features a whole bunch of artists pages ranging from Strickly Roots (remember them?) to KMD. With a remidal class of Paintbrush 101 this site could be a hotter site of the week one day.


Werner's Addendum:
By the way, the following was also published on SOHH a short time later, in another Hot Site of the Week review:

August 29th 1998

Oblique Recordings

So - I'm searching through the e-mails from all sorts of webmasters want to be given the Hot Site of the Week award. My favorite was from the webmaster of Oblique Recordings who said "Yo, you are going to profile that Werner kids (site), but over look the submission that I put in? Man check out Oblique PLEASE!" Of course he didn't tell me why he thought I should give him the Hot Site Of The Week over the other 200 entries I get every week. But I checked it out anyway...


P.s. - If you're anything like me - and, hey; who isn't? - You're wondering just what the heck PBR stands for. The answer is: Plain Brown Rapper. Yeah, seriously.

If you have seen Werner Von Wallenrod's Humble, Little Hip-Hop Site mentioned on any web-sites, or in any other press, drop me a line and let me know ASAP! I 'preciate it. :)