Chubb Rock
(Richard Simpson)


Featuring Hitman Howie Tee:
1. DJ Innovator
2. Daddy's Home
3. I Feel Good
4. Joker
5. Momma Was a Rolling Stone
6. Caught Up
7. Do It Again
8. Girl I Love You
9. Punk
10. Rock-N-Roll Dude
11. It's So Hot
12. This Is So Hard
(Select Records - 1988)

And the Winner Is...:
1. Stop That Train
2. What a Difference
3. Same Old Thing
4. Bump the Floor
5. And the Winner Is...(The Grammys)
6. He's Funky
7. Blow the Whistle
8. Caught Up (Remix)
9. Bonus Beat (Dave & Rob)*
10. She's With Someone
11. Mr. Nobody Is Somebody Now
12. Hi Jack*
13. Ya Bad Chubbs
14. Hip Hop Rodeo
15. Gonna Do It for You
16. Nothing Can Stop Us Now
17. Talkin' Loud, Ain't Saying Jack
18. Don't Trespass
(Select Records - 1989)
*CD Bonus Track

Treat 'Em Right:
1. Treat 'Em Right
2. Keep It Street
3. Regiments of Steel
4. Whats the Word
5. The Organizer
6. Treat 'Em Right (Cribb Mix)
(Select Records - 1990)

The One:
1. The One
2. Just the Two of Us
3. Treat 'Em Right
4. The Big Man
5. The Night Scene
6. The Bad Boyz
7. What's the Word*
8. Organizer*
9. The Chubbster
10. Cat*
11. Another Statistic
12. Enjoy Ya Self
13. The Five Deadly Venoms
14. Bring 'Em Home Safely w/ 3rd Bass
15. Keep It Street*
16. The Regiments of Steel
(Select Records - 1991)
*CD Bonus Track

1. Caught Up (Ext. Mix)
2. Just the Two of Us
3. The Chubbster (Orig. Remix)
4. Treat 'Em Right
5. Ya Bad Chubbs
6. The Chubbster (Smooth House Mix)
(Select Records - 1995)

I Gotta Get Mine Yo:
1. Some-O-Next Sh_t
2. I'm the Man
3. Pop 'Nuff Sh_t
4. Don't Drink the Milk w/ Kirk Gowdy & Poke
5. The Hatred
6. Lost In the Storm
7. Which Way Is Up
8. Black Trek IV: The Voyage Home
9. Yabadabadoo w/ Red Hot Lover Tone & Rob Swinga
10. So Much Things To Say*
11. The Funky w/ Kirk Pone
12. 3 Men At Chung King w/ Red Hot Lover Tone & Grand Puba
13. I Need Some Blow
14. I'm Too Much
15. My Brother
16. I Don't Want To Be Lonely
17. I Gotta Get Mine Yo
18. A Message To the B.A.N.*
19. Enter the Dragon*
20. The Arrival*
21. See You In October
(Select Records - 1992)
* CD Bonus Track

The Mind:
1. Reputation w/ Krs-One
2. I Am What I Am
3. Beef w/ PMD & Das EFX
4. Life w/ Billy Lawrence
5. The Mind
6. The Man w/ G-Man
7. Games We Play
8. I Will Survive
9. Don't Sleep
10. East Vs. West (Remix)
11. Clear the Decks
12. Mr. Rock w/ Al B. Sure
13. Party Right w/ Kya
(Select Records - 1997)


Rock 'N Roll Dude:
1. Rock 'N Roll Dude w/ Domino
2. This Is So Hard
3. Rock 'N Roll Dude (Dub Mix)
(Select Records - 1987)

DJ Innovator:
1. DJ Innovator
2. DJ Innovator (Instrumental)
3. I Feel Good
4. I Feel Good (Instrumental)
(Select Records - 1988)

Caught Up:
1. Caught Up (Remix)
2. Caught Up (Instrumental)
3. Caught Up (Original)
4. Caught Up (Bonus)
(Select Records - 1988)

Ya Bad Chubbs:
1. Ya Bad Chubbs (Radio)
2. Ya Bad Chubbs (Chubb Club Mix)
3. Ya Bad Chubbs (Instrumental)
4. Ya Bad Chubbs (Crib Mix)
5. Ya Bad Chubbs (Howie's Beat)
6. Ya Bad Chubbs (Bonus "PE" Beat)
(Select Records - 1989)

Stop That Train:
1. Stop That Train (Remix)
2. Stop That Train (Jazz Vocal)
3. The Empire Will Strike Back (Remix)
4. The Empire Will Strike Back (Hostility Version)
5. Stop That Train (Radio)
(Select Records - 1989)

Treat 'Em Right:
1. Treat 'Em Right (Cribb Mix)
2. Treat 'Em Right (Original Vocal)
3. Treat 'Em Right (Hip Hop Remix)
4. Treat 'Em Right (Chubb Mental)
(Select Records - 1990)

The Chubbster:
1. The Chubbster (Clark's Radio Joint)
2. The Chubbster (Original Vocal)
3. The Chubbster (Radiomental)
4. The Chubbster (Clark's Smooth Haus)
5. The Chubbster (Smooth Haustrumental)
7. The Chubbster (Trak Masterz "Motion Mix")*
(Select Records - 1991)
*CDS Bonus Track

Just The Two of Us:
1. Just The Two of Us (Trakmasterz Remix Vocal)
2. Just The Two of Us (Trakmasterz Instrumental)
3. Just The Two of Us (Original Vocal)
4. Just The Two of Us (Clark's Cool Out Mix)
5. Just The Two of Us (Cool Outstrumental)
(Select Records - 1991)

The Big Man:
1. The Big Man (Smooth Vocal)
2. The Big Man (Instrumental)
3. The Big Man (Supermix)
4. The Big Man (Supermixtrumental)
(Select Records - 1992)

Lost In the Storm:
1. Lost In the Storm (Original Vocal)
2. Lost In the Storm (Marley's Hip Hop Remix)
3. Lost In the Storm (Marley's R & B Remix)
4. Lost In the Storm (Trakmasterz Remix Vocal)
5. Lost In the Storm (Marley's Hip Hop Instrumental Remix)
6. Lost In the Storm (Original Instrumental)
(Select Records - 1992)

1. Yabadabadoo (Original Version)
2. Yabadabadoo (Instrumental)
3. I'm Too Much (Hands On The Sax Mix)
4. I'm Too Much (Original Mix)
5. I'm Too Much (Hands On The Sax Instrumental)
(Select Records - 1992)

East Vs. West:
1. East Vs. West (Clean Mix)
2. East Vs. West (Dirty Mix)
3. East Vs. West (Inst. Mix)
4. East Vs. West (DomingoClean Mix)
5. East Vs. West (DomingoDirty Mix)
6. East Vs. West (DomingoInst. Mix)
(white label - 1996)

1. Beef w/ PMD & Das EFX (Clean)
2. Beef w/ PMD & Das EFX (Album Version)
3. Beef (Instrumental)
(Select Records - 1997)

1. Life w/ Vanessa Bell & Samantha (The Fanatic Remix)
2. Life (The Nice Edit)
3. Life (TV Track)
4. Games We Play
5. Life w/ Syncere (Original Mix)
6. Life w/ Syncere (Original Mix TV Track)
(Select Records - 1997)

Don't Sleep:
1. Don't Sleep (Big Bird Club Mix)
2. Don't Sleep (Extended Radio RMX)
3. Don't Sleep (Original Version)
4. Beef w/ PMD & Das EFX
(Black Jam - 1998)
1. Me w/ Mr. Blu (Radio)
2. Me w/ Mr. Blu (Street)
3. Me (Instrumental)
(Fully Blown - 2001)

Guest Appearances:

MC Miker "G" w/ Dee Dee Scott "MC Miker "G" featuring Chubb Rock & Dee Dee Scott" I'm a B-Bone (Rush Records - 1987)
Kashif "Personality (remix)" (Arista Records - 1989)
Jeff Redd "Come and Get Your Lovin'" A Quiet Storm (MCA Records - 1990)
Al. B Sure! "Channel J" Private Times... and the Whole 9! (Warner Bros - 1990)
3rd Bass "Kick Em In the Grill" Derelicts of Dialect (Def Jam/ Columbia - 1991)
Marley Marl w/ Tragedy the Intelligent Hoodlum, King Tee, Grand Puba & Def Jeff "Keep Control" In Control volume II - For Your Steering Pleasure (Cold Chillin'/ Warner Bros. - 1991)
Tevin Campbell "Just Ask Me To" Tevin Campbell (Qwest Records - 1991)
MC Serch w/ Nasty Nas & Red Hot Lover Tone "Back To The Grill" Return of the Product (Def Jam/ Chaos/ Columbia Records - 1992)
Shabba Ranks "Two Breddrens" X-Tra Naked (Sony Music - 1992)
Roxanne "Gear" Go Down (But Don' Bite It) (Select Records - 1992)
Crooklyn Dodgers '95 w/ O.C. & Jeru the Damaja "The Return Of The Crooklyn Dodgers" Clockers (MCA Records - 1995)
Underground Airplay #5 w/ Cella Dwellas & Ran Reed "Cypha Session" (Echo Unlimited - 1995)
Mack da Maniak w/ King Just "What Goes Up (Remix)" (Select Records - 1996)
Vernon Reid "You Say He's Just a Psychic Friend" Mistaken Identity (550 Music - 1996)
Ladae "Party 2 Nite (Fabulous Flava)" Party 2 Nite (Motown - 1996)
Carol Riddick "Take Your Time" (Motown - 1996)
Phat Beach "I Dream U" Original Motion Picture Soundtrack (TVT/ Blunt Records - 1996)
America Is Dying Slowly w/ Biz Markie "No Rubber, No Backstage Pass" (EastWest Records - 1996)
Just-Ice "Way Back (We're Going)" VII (Warlock Records - 1998)
Just-Ice "Lip Service" VII (Warlock Records - 1998)
G-Man "Treat Me Right" (Select Records - 1998)
Prince Paul w/ Biz Mark "Mr. Large" A Prince Among Thieves (Tommy Boy - 1999)
The Freshmäka w/ Tarsha Vega "The Freshest" I Am the Freshmäka (Moonshine Music - 1999)
G-Man w/ AG & Freeze A. Luv "Running 2 U" (Select Records - 1999)
No More Prisons w/ Lil Dap, Ed O.G & Ike Eyes "Rich Get Rich" (Raptivism - 2001)
Mr. Len w/ Mr. Live "Dummy Smacks" Pity the Fool: Experiments In Therapy Behind the Mask Of Music While Handing Out Dummy Smacks (Matador - 2001)
Prince Paul w/ Wordsworth & MF Doom "People, Places and Things (It's Who You Know)" Politics Of the Business (Razor & Tie - 2003)
No More Prisons 2 w/ Lil Dap, Ed O.G & Ike Eyes "Rich Get Rich (Agallah Mix)" (Raptivism - 2003)
Lateef and Z-Trip w/ Chief Xcel "Grammy Got Run Over By a Reindeer" Ahead Of the Curve (Quannum - 2007)
Buckwild "What a Year" Diggin' In the Crates: Rare Studio Masters 1993-1997 (Ground Floor Recordings - 2007)
Zimbabwe Legit w/ Vast Aire "Wake 'Em Up" House Of Stone (Redline Music - 2007)
Grimey Bruce "Soak Game" Creepin' While You Sleepin' (Powers Entertainment - 2008)
Nick Wiz "Verse (1996)" Cellar Sounds Volume One: 1992-1998 (No Sleep Recordings - 2008)
K'naan "ABCs" Troubadour (A&M/ Octone Records - 2009)

The A. T.E.E.M.
(Chubb Rock, Rob Swinga, Hot Dog & FM)


A Hero Ain't Nuttin' But a Sandwich:
1. A Hero Ain't Nuttin' But a Sandwich
2. Pass the Pussy
3. Yeah
4. Interlude
5. Get It On (Original)
6. Come On Baby Let's Swing It
7. Come
8. Sister Morphine
9. Well of 1,000 Souls
10. One, Two, U Don't Stop
11. All of That
12. Interlude
13. Let Me Hear You Say Hoe!
14. Get It On (Remix)
(Select - 1992)

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Get It On:
1. Get It On (Trakmasterz Remix Vocal)
2. Get It On (Trakmasterz Remix Instrumental)
3. Get It On (Original Vocal)
4. Get It On (Original Instrumental)
5. Get It On (Alternate Vocal Mix)
(Select - 1992)
1. Yeah (The Master Vocal Mix)
2. Yeah (Brooklyn Vocal Mix)
3. Yeah (Master Instrumental)
4. Yeah (Brooklyn Instrumental)
5. Yeah (Original Vocal Mix Version)
(Select - 1992)