(Jorge Alvarez a.k.a. Biolante)


A Constipated Monkey:
1. Spell It With a J (Yes, Yes Jorge)
2. Top Notch w/ Psycho Les
3. I'm Kurious
4. Uptown Sh_t w/ The Omen & Kadi
5. Leave Ya' With This
6. Fresh Out Of the Box
7. Walk Like a Duck
8. Tear Sh_t Up w/ Grimm Reaper
9. Baby Bust It w/ Grimm Reaper & Kadi
10. Nikole
11. What's the Real w/ Casual
12. Jorge Of the Projects
(Sony Music - 1994)

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A Constipated Monkey Demo Sessions:

1. Jorge Of the Projects (Original Version)
2. Rice and Beans (Freestyle) w/ Prince Paul
3. Fill' Er Up
4. Trueness To the Blueness
5. One 4 the Head w/ Kolli Weed
6. Catch My Drift w/ Kadi
(Crate Escape Records - 2008)


Walk Like a Duck:
1. Walk Like a Duck (Madik Mix)
2. Walk Like a Duck (Instrumental)
3. Walk Like a Duck (Radio Edit)
4. Walk Like a Duck (TV Track)
(Sony Music - 1992)

Uptown Sh_t
1. Uptown Sh_t w/ The Omen & Kadi (Dirty)
2. Uptown Sh_t w/ The Omen & Kadi (Clean)
3. Uptown Sh_t (Instrumental)
4. Spell It With a J (Dirty)
5. Spell It With a J (Instrumental)
(Sony Music - 1993)

I'm Kurious:
1. I'm Kurious (Album Version)
2. I'm Kurious (Instrumental)
3. I'm Kurious (Remix)
4. Mansion and a Yacht w/ Sadat X & Mike G. (Baja Panties Mix)
5. Mansion and a Yacht w/ Sadat X & Miike G. (Merchantz Mix)
6. I'm Kurious (Remix Instrumental)
(Sony Music - 1994)

All Great:
1. All Great (Clean)
2. All Great (Dirty)
3. All Great (Inst.)
4. All Great (Remix - Clean)
5. All Great (Remix - Dirty)
6. All Great (Remix - Inst.)
(Stonegroove - 2001)

Guest Spots:

Powerule w/ Rebel & Johnny Jay "Young Stars From Nowhere" Volume 1 (Interscope/ EastWest Records - 1991)
Prime Minister Pete Nice & Daddy Rich
w/ Benz "3 Blind Mice" Dust To Dust (Sony Music - 1993)
Gravediggaz "Nowhere To Run, Nowhere To Hide" 6 Feet Deep (Gee Street/ Island Records - 1994)
Freestyle Frenzy Volume 1 w/ Souls Of Mischief "Souls Of Mischief and Kurious (Nov 92)" (Dolo/ Liberty Grooves - 1994)
Main One w/ Fat Joe, Prince & Joe Fatal "El Gran Combo" The Birth Of the Ghetto Child (Select Records - 1995)
Lower Life Forms w/ Optical the Visionary "Independence Day" (Depth Charge Recordings -1997)
MF Doom "?" Operation: Doomsday (Fondle 'Em - 1999)
KMD w/ Earth Quake & Lord Sear "Smokin' That Sh_t" Bl_ck B_st_rds (Readyrock / Metalface - 2000)
Sound Ink w/ King Honey, M.F. Doom & King Ghidra "Monday Night At Fluid" Colapus (Sound Ink Records - 2001)
King Geedorah "Fastlane" Take Me To Your Leader (Big Dada - 2003)
M.F. Doom & M.F. Grimm w/ Kadi "Baby Bust It" Best of MF (Day By Day Entertainment - 2003)
M.F. Doom & M.F. Grimm ":Mugwort + Cinnamon - Shifting Lanes" Special Herbs & Spices Vol. 1 (Day By Day Entertainment - 2004)
MF Grimm w/ Lord Smog "Traveling" American Hunger (Day By Day Entertainment - 2006)