Q: Can I get my new record/ CD featured on your blog? How 'bout an interview?
A: Possibly. Scan through my blog a bit. You should be able to get a pretty solid idea of whether your album (or single, whatever) is the sort of thing I cover. This isn't the kind of blog where I'll just review whatever anybody sends me; but if it's something you think is right up my alley, then yeah, contact me and there's a good chance I'll be open to it/ interested. CDs or vinyl (hell, I'll pretty much guarantee a review if you've got vinyl) can be sent to:

The Raconteur
c/o: John
431 Main St.
Metuchen, NJ 08840

...Unfortunately, random mp3s will probably not get heard (if you've ever seen a hip-hop blogger's inbox, you'd know we get spammed with way more than we could ever hope to check out).  If you want to discuss hooking up an interview or something, though, my an e-mail is: WVWalenrod@AOL.com.

Q: Can you make me an mp3 of that one, super rare song I can't find anywhere in the world, but is listed on your site?
A: Nope. Uh-uh. Sorry. If you had any idea how often I get asked for this stuff, you'd understand. Plus, this site is all about supporting the artists, not bootlegging 'em.

Q: But what I want is only on vinyl and I don't have a record player...!
A: That's not nearly the obstacle you've probably made it out to be in your mind - if you can afford an mp3 player, you can afford a hundred record players! I wrote a little guide on getting yourself a record player here.

Q: Well, what sites do you recommend that sell music like the stuff on your site?
A: Well, of course! There's no place better to buy the rare and classic sort of hip-hop records you see at this site than at Werner's Music Shop! Otherwise, I'd say discogs and the 'Bay for older stuff, and if you're looking for new releases, try, in no particular order: www.truehiphop.com, www.accesshiphop.com, www.ughh.com... I've ordered from all of those sites and can personally vouch for them all from personal experience. There's plenty of other sites (for old and new stuff), too; so get to googling!

Q: Hey, this site is finally no longer a crappy AOL member's page!?
A: That's right! Now it's a crappy regular website. Just to clear things up, the URL 'round these parts is wernervonwallenrod.com, and the blog's is wernervonwallenrod.blogspot.com.  Any other URLs you have bookmarked or come across on the 'net are out of date and are apt to disappear on ya if they haven't already done so.

Q: Basically this site is a blog now?
A: Well, the main focus these days is on the blog, yeah.  Again, that's wernervonwallenrod.blogspot.com.  The discographies and other stuff, though, are still kickin' like they've always been at wernervonwallenrod.com.

Q: Your name's not really Werner von Wallenrod, is it?
A: No; that's my rap name, like "Grandmaster Flash" or "Ice Cube."

Q: Why isn't Artist X's discography on the site?
A: Ok. Here's the scoop on who gets on my site and why. First of all, I have to be a fan of at least some of the artists' material. Natch. Also, they have to have an at least moderately extensive discography spanning over a couple of years. I'm not gonna make a Cheba page (as much as I like "The Piper"), when he's only got two 12" singles (but I will feature him on my blog!  See here). Finally, I have to know the artist's complete discography. There are a few artists I'd be keen to put up, but I just don't have the track-listings for all of their 12"'s. I'm working on it, though... constantly researching. I fancy myself a minor hip-hop historian.  :)

Q: Who's next?
A: Well, I'm always changing my mind... We'll see.

Q: How often do you update the discographies?
A: Not very often these days (some are WAY behind, I know). But they are not forgotten; I still create and update the discos.

Say, didn't you used to work for The Source?
A: Yeah. My title changed weekly... I guess "Managing Editor" (as in, "a managing editor," not "the managing editor") is the one that stuck the longest. For the most part, I was the editor (natch) and basically the sole writer for their web-site, thesource.com. The site was created and run by myself, TRUNKS (who did all the art/ design), and a few contributors who came and went over the years. We won some awards, which was gratifying; and I also did a little writing in the mag.

Q: What other websites do you write for?
A: I write for two other sites at the moment, and proud to be contributing to both.  In no particular order they are Diggers With Gratitude and Hip-Hop Connection, where I have a regular column called Fear Of the Rap!

Q: And what other websites have you written for in the past?
A: A lot of these sites don't exist anymore, but I wrote regular columns for rebirthmag.com and urbandigital.com, plus I wrote an article for vinylexchange.com and triple-bypass.com accepted me as a writer but they wound up shutting down before I actually had a piece on their site. I also wrote briefly for The Miami Herald (a publication, not a website, strictly speaking), which is a lot like The Village Voice but in Florida.

Q: What's the capital of Canada?
A: Ottawa.

Q: Why do you spell "a cappella" differently through-out your various pages? Are you just a big dummy or what?
A: Believe it or not, in each, individual case, that's how it's spelled on the labels... I always try to follow their phrasing (is it a "dub version" or "TV trac" or what?) to the letter, and the world seems to be eternally divided on the spelling of a cappella/ acapella/ accappella/ acappella/ etc.

Q: I've got errors and additions to point out... corrections to make! Where do I send them?
A: WVWalenrod@AOL.com. And thank you for taking the time to do so! Note: Please don't be offended if I don't take your word as fact on certain points. It's not that I don't trust you (well, maybe it's that, too, depending on who you are...), it's just that rumors and such are a bitch, and I need confirmation on every detail before I post it to assure total accuracy. I promise ya, though, if you tipped me off, I'm looking into it, and your assistance is appreciated!

Q: What's FAQ stand for?
A: Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What's Tomorrow Wendy?
A: My production company (TomorrowWendy.com), which is mostly now focused on independent film... plus the websites I do, like this one.  :)

Q: What other web-sites do you have?
A: Well, a couple I'll admit to ;-) include Fear, Anxiety & Depression - The Films of Todd Solondz,  (see above), and Breillat On DVD.

Q: And, did I hear right? You do movies??
A: Yup. I co-produced and co-edited Barman (see: http://imdb.com/title/tt0395466), before writing and directing my own short film, Lunch Break (http://imdb.com/title/tt0481565)... it's played at a couple film fests so far, and I'm finishing up my first full-length feature as writer/director now.

Q: I thought you ran a bookstore...
A: I do! I co-own the used bookstore, The Raconteur (we also rent DVDs and host events). It's my day job and a cool place (although pretty un-hip-hop).

Q: How can I get my question on your FAQ page?
A: Well, first you've got to ask me a question. Then, you've got to get a bunch of other people to ask me the same question. That should do the trick.